venerdì, marzo 13, 2009


Oggi vi propongo un po' di musica prog francese!spero apprezziate! Come commento vi lascio solo che il genere non è molto distante dai canoni prog standard ma gli Asia minor sono un filo meglio!Gli arachnoid sono più ardui da ascoltare ma il cantato in francese non è male!!


Asia Minor - Crossing the Line


Asia Minor - Between Flesh and Divine

Masterpiece of prog rock in an era where you least expect it: the early 1980s. 1979's Crossing the Line was their debut, but Between Flesh and Divine is regarded as their best album. Asia Minor was a French band consisting of Turkish musicians playing mid to late '70s style prog in the vein of many of your favorites: Camel, Focus, King Crimson, Genesis, even Pulsar. The instruments consists of vocals (in English), guitars, flute, bass, drums, and keyboards (Elka Rhapsody string synth, electric piano, Hammond organ, Mellotron, Minimoog). On the opening cut, "Nightwind", the band starts off sound deceptively like Ozric Tentacles, but that's just for a few seconds, before you know what you're listening to is symphonic prog. Here you get some great guitar and flute work, and some atmospheric passages. Here the vocals are very much like Camel's Andy Latimar (not to mention the flute). "Northern Lights" starts off rather mellow, heavy on the string synths, with some space Minimoog to go with it, but then the music gets more energetic, with the end part resembling Genesis. The rest of the album is of the same high quality, and I very highly recommend this album. Great stuff!

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proghog ha detto...

Excellent postings as usual...!!!
Love your stuff!!!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i'm very happy if you like it!

centraldoprog ha detto...

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Betelgeuse ha detto...

Ciao central!
ma mi spieghi che diavolo è questo dardo awards? non è che mi fidi tanto!comunque appena mi informo meglio ti "nomino"!un saluto!

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