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Dillinger - Dillinger(can 1974 hard rock/prog)

This, Dillingers debut album was released in 1974 on 'Daffodil' records. The band are from Quebec and Ontario, and formed by brothers Robert Harrison(drums, vocals) and Jacques Harrison(keyboard, vocals). The rest of the band featured; Paul Cockburn(guitars,vocal) and Terry Bramhall(bass, vocals). This was a great mix of hard rock with progressive rock leanings. The album featured four songs, one a 17 minute suite called 'Live and Return' is my favorite. Very cool intrumental passages on this number, with some heavy style symphonic prog influences. These guys can be really heavy, or very melodic at the flip of a coin! They also cover the 'Spirit' classic 'Natures Way', which they doe quite well. I'm pretty sure both Dillinger albums have been reissued on CD by the Canadian label Unidisc a few years back.


Painter - Painter (can 1973 psych hard)

Great one and only LP by this early 70s band from Calgary Alberta Canada.
They were formed from the ashes of a 60s psych band called 'The 49th Parallel, also from Calgary.
Danny Lowe-Lead Guitar, Doran Beattie-Vocals, Wayne Morice-Bass & Vocals,
Barry Allen-Rhythm Guitar & Vocals, and Bob Ego-Drums.
Their music was heavy rock, in the style of BTO or April Wine, and played just as well.
Both Canadian and US pressings give no indication of where these guys hale from, and I'm pretty sure that's intentional. The album was recorded in Seattle Washington.
After it's release in '73, the band did the bar and club circuit, as well as opening for some pretty big names. A couple years later, Danny & Doran founded another Canadian hard rock group called 'Hammersmith', who took the same heavy rock formula and released a couple of LPs and achieved some moderate success.

Barry Allen, who was originally from Edmonton, had a bit of a solo career before 'Painter'. He was given a US recording contract by Capitol Records, and released several singles in the mid 60s. He then recorded a couple of albums, one of which was produced by, and featured the guitar work of Randy Bachman in 69/70. Bachman suggested he join the newly formed 'Painter'.

In 1982, Danny Lowe experienced what he called "an industrial accident" while placing 14 microphones in a sound studio. In playing back the recording made that day, he discovered he had inadvertently created an auditory illusion that he was surrounded by sound. The effect resembled how the human ear actually hears.
Over the next eight years, he and electro-technician John Lees worked together to fine-tune the system. In 1986, the pair formed a partnership with Larry Ryckman, a former Calgary real estate developer, and formed Archer Communications Inc.
QSound was patented in 1990, and the recording system was quickly embraced by music artists such as Sting, Madonna, INXS, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Paula Abdul, Julian Lennon, Wilson Phillips and Luther Vandross.
There's a quick history lesson on some good 'ol local boys!
I don't think the 'Painter' album is available on CD, at least it wasn't the last time I checked about a year ago.
Doran Beattie went on to have somewhat of a succesful country music career!


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