mercoledì, maggio 27, 2009

Nemo - Nemo (1973 fra prog)

3 commenti:

titou ha detto...

This is a great album!
Thank you!

Jason ha detto...

Hey, not bad. I appreciate the more experimental groups, but these guys are fun. I miss your reviews though!


Betelgeuse ha detto...

My rewiew?oh no, Jason! i don't have the necessary skills to review any album in english!i use often as source!
I read on rYm the pages of the artists and if is a good review i will pubblish here (always in "italic Type")!And if you click on artcover photo you will be redirected on rYm pages for info and more credits!
I write only in italian for "recensire"(the italian verbs for "to review" :) ) the albums, but often i can't because i'm busy...:(!!!
Btw thank you to surf my blog! it's a pleasure talkin to you!

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