sabato, giugno 27, 2009

Ethos - relics (1973-75 superb prog)

Ethos - Relics(1973-75)


Ethos - Open Up(1977-prog)

Ethos - Open Up


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Gary ha detto...

I have been having a problem accessing your blog the past few days.For some reason every time your blog loads I am auto redirected to a My Space or a Advertising web site.Is this a problem you are aware of as many others may be having the same problem as me.Changed my cookie and security to a higher setting which seems to have worked!
Looks like a great music blog site otherwise.Cheers Gary

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Hi gary!
i don't know what happens and if there are problems,let me know if you still have trouble!!!

aurelio ha detto...

please fix the link is not avaiable
many hanks
AURELIO from portugal

Gary ha detto...

If anyone else is having the same problem as me changing both security AND privacy settings in Internet Explorer options to high seems to work.You have to alter the settings back to the original when you go to the download site however as it blocks the cookies on it otherwise!
Loved the Life and Fraction.Excellent bands.Many thanks Gary

Betelgeuse ha detto...

@ Gary
Thanks for tips! If someone still have the problem please let me know!

At the moment I can't do somethings for you (i have some trouble with internet connection) When i can i'll fix the link!You should wait and try again, maybe in the next days M.U.will fix the problem!

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