sabato, agosto 20, 2011


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Quark's Picture Palace ha detto...

Hi, I found the old bands from Holland, what a great suprise, thanks a lot !

For some I can't download them, I would be grateful, if you can place them in
Megaupload ( or Mediafire maybe ) :

Unit Gloria ( Ultraectum 1971) + Decennium ( Songs Of The Sad Time 1975 )
+ our Golden Earring-singer Barry Hay ( Only Parrots, Frogs And Angels 1972 ).

Hope to find them there, thanks a very lot in advance,

Kind regards from Amsterdam,

Quark's Picture Palace ha detto...

Really did not expect to find Unit Gloria and Decennium in Megaupload as asked, thanks a very lot, you're fantastic !
Best regards,

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i 've been so much busy (and still i'm full with things to do...job, love, life and everything you could think about) so forgive me if i can't post immediately or if will fix olds post with some delay...

V ! ha detto...

No need to worry about the delay. From the scent of your attitude i'm glorify to accept the promise of yours that everything will be served & rewarded. Thanks a lot!

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