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White Witch - White Witch (1972 uk psych prog glam hard rock)

White Witch - White Witch

I really enjoy this album. It might be the fact that it was one of the first psychedelic/hard rock albums that I heard in my youth and because it contains a fun pop sensibility,it was easy for me to get into at the time. I can understand how the cover might be a turn off(a bad makeup job which has not aged well) .I am also not a fan of "It's So Nice To Be Stoned" could be one of the worst weed oriented rock songs of the 60's/70's.
Every other song on here is OK to great..the somewhat more pedestrian numbers at least made interesting by Ronn Goedert's feminine/witchy vocal stylings.
The warm and flowing moog melodies are certainly another highlight and add to the mystical feeling of the record. A much better album than the sophomore release, "A Spiritual Greeting",which is chock full of forgettable songs. As far as this debut goes, "Help Me Lord" and "Don't Close Your Mind" are my favorite tracks.

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Blair, 20, Musician ha detto...

psych prog/glam rock? That sounds like a fucking amazing combination!

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