lunedì, ottobre 25, 2010

Symphonic Metamorphosis - Symphonic Metamorphosis (uk 1970 psych prog)
Symphonic Metamorphosis - Symphonic Metamorphosis

Very fine psychedelic/prog album on London. Eight members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra make up the group...heh, even Detroit's classical musicians were rocking hard! You will find plenty of garagy keys, hard fuzz guitar as well as jazzy stand out horns and soulful singing on this record. On the album jacket they call themselves "fusion rock" but I wouldn't go around comparing them to Mahavisnu Orchestra or Santana... Symphonic Metamorhosis is more along the lines of The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble and Ten Wheel Drive or maybe like all the Chicago blues-psych bands. This album is a pretty interesting listen, recommended.
from Rym 

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