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Thundermug - Strikes (1972 can )
Thundermug - Strikes

Wow what a great LP! Hearing 'Page/What Would You Do?/'Father Son' still blows me away all these years later. Great band from London, Ontario Canada. I grew up in Toronto, and these guys played at one of my high school dances. Stupid me, I didn't go... Probably had a fuckin' pimple or something.
Though my face was clear for 'Bush', 'Steel River' and 'Crowbar'! Lol
I'm not sure if this LP is available on CD yet or not. I've had a few copies on vinyl over the years, and they've seen their share of my platter.
I was floored when I walked into a local store here called 'Recordland', and found 4 copies. Three were lumped together, and in pretty decent shape. The fourth was kind of hiding, and separate from the others, still sealed, and well worth the $20.00 Canadian I might add. There was also a sealed copy of their 'Orbit' LP for $20.00, and of course my drooling continued!
The opening track, 'Africa' was a minor radio hit in Canada, and maybe the US as well.
Just an incredible guitar drenched Canadian heavy rock masterpiece! The previous review sums up everything else I'd like to say! So, if you're ever in Calgary, check out 'Recordland'. They have several hundred thousand LP's in stock, and over a million LP's unfiled in the back! The store is reminiscent of 'Alladins Cave'. I'm quite sure they'd still have at least a half dozen or so 'Thundermug' LPs just sitting there.
Warning; The US issue of this LP appears the same at first glance, however the tracklisting is completely different. The US version is a compilation of Thundermug 'Strikes', and their 2nd LP 'Orbit'.
Look for the 'Axe Records' pressing, AXS 502, because this is the 'true' version.
The US compilation LP of the same name is 'BN3264'.

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iban ha detto...

Thanks for sharing this! :)

Please follow my new blog about psychedelic music. Thanks

Dr.Progenstein Ph.P ha detto...

Thanks for uploading these great Canadian bands...
I see that you've used a few of my reviews from the "Rate Your Music" website as the basis of your artist descriptions here within your blog(see Thundermug, Dilliger, Painter, etc)...oh well, there's no copyright on 'em, Lol.

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Hi dr. Progstein and thank you to surf here on my blog!!
Yes i use often RYM to search artists and album, to find images and some reviews (i don't think to have the necessary skills to review in english language all of the albums!).
In the last posts i start to use to write also my sources but generally i am too busy (or too lazy!) and sometimes i forgot to write nicknames. I thank you also for your review, and if you have some problems, please let me know, so i could use or more time to shows all the credit or to avoid to post your usefull and interesting words! (btw, if you click on the image you can find directly the original RYM pages with all the credits!!)
Thank you again and let me know!
p.s. if you wish, search me on RYM, in this days i am updating my collection!

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