mercoledì, novembre 24, 2010

Trooper - Trooper (1975 can hard rock)
Trooper - Trooper

There's an undeniable suds 'n' thuds enthusiasm to Trooper that elevates the material beyond its basic hard boogie origins. Gotta give some credit to Randy Bachman, seated in the (hopefully reinforced) producer's chair, as there's a sunny but overriding heavy factor to the sound of album highlights like the easy-rollin' "General Hand Grenade," engine-revving drone of "I'm in Trouble Again" and cowbell workout "Don't Stop Me Now." In a jaw-dropping juxtaposition, Trooper's most sublime moment comes on "Roller Rink's" unlikely pairing of hard as nails proto-metal and roller skating. A focused, feel-good time from the boys.

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