giovedì, dicembre 30, 2010

Big Foot - Big Foot (Usa brass rock 1969)

Big Foot - Big Foot

Essentially a very light weight horn/pop band, these guys try to sound a lot heavier than they are, often sending mixed signals. I am not a big fan of horns in my rock and roll, and except under unusual circumstances, their presence often spoils some otherwise decent rock for me. This album is not an exception - every time I feel as though I can start to get into a cut, the horns come blaring in to sour the mood. Too bad hi-fi's didn't include a button you could push, similar to the mono button, that you could use to remove the horns from the mix. Many of these tracks would be pretty decent without them. Grades - 5 B-'s, 3 C+'s, and 2 C's. My sources indicate this album was from 1969.
From RYM (Tymeshifter)

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