lunedì, dicembre 13, 2010

Broth - Broth (1970 psych prog U.K? U.S.A.?)
 Broth - Broth

The album was recorded in N.Y.C. in 1970. Judging from the back cover photo of the band sitting atop their "tour bus" in a downtown setting, and the multi-ethnicity of the members, I would be willing to bet that they were most likely from the NY area. The music is semi-commercial rock, with some fairly hard material, and featuring some horns and, occasionally, mild rural flavor. this is not a progressive masterpiece, as suggested in some reference sources. Grades - 2 B's, 3 B-'s, 3 C+'s, and 2 C-'s. The album was released in the UK, featuring an alt. cover, and also in Germany, with yet another cover.
From RYM (Tymeshifter user)

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