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First Friday - First Friday (1969 hard blues)

First Friday - First Friday

Recorded in Sept, 1969, this So. Bend, Ind. band's only album starts out slow, with some good-timey, rural/country flavored rock, and some soft and lazy, southern rock style ballads, before ripping into some hard and fast blues rock, featuring blistering lead guitar, keyboards, and flute. Originally released on Webster's Last Word label in a limited pressing of 500 copies. Grades-1 A-, 3 B+'s, 2 B's, and 2 B-'s.
From RYM (tymeshifter)

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muzicprog ha detto...

Hi, Great record and awesome blog.
This piece is unknown for me but it´s a great record.Amazin´guitarrist and the musiciens are too proficient.
A jewel unearthed brilliantly for you.
Thanks a lot

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