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Los Impala Impala Syndrome (great Heavy psych 1969)

Los Impala - Impala Syndrome

If I'm reading the above website correctly, this band is from Venezuela and evolved through various lineups from 1958 through the entire decade of the 60s.
The sound is often very similar to Cream, vocally and instrumentally, with some occasional muscular guitar/bass guitar/drumkit playing and some excellent riffs. In fact, "For a Small Fee" sounds like a Cream cover. In general, it's ordinary hippie jam rock without any jamming. The songs are all compact and commercially oriented, not much in the way of an acid rock edge and definitely more lightweight flower power sounding than Cream. Male vocals in English, excellent quality.
There's only a faint trace of native music; it's pretty much straight US/UK-derived rock with elements of R&B, soul, funk, and blues, just like Cream.
It's a solid album, about half mediocre and half excellent. I pulled off four tracks for comping: "Too Much Time", "Love Grows a Flower", "Let Them Try", and "New Love Time". The first three are truly outstanding gems, and the fourth is good enough to play again and represents the softer side of the band. "Let Them Try" is one of the most Creamy tracks on the album.


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