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Merry Xmas to you all! ;)

Resurrection Band - Awaiting Your Reply (1978 hard rock blues rock usa)
 Resurrection Band - Awaiting Your Reply

The Resurrection Band (aka Rez Band, Rez) began their lengthy career with the headbanging holiness of 1978's Awaiting Your Reply, delivering bluesy, crunchy hard rock sent straight from Heaven.  These long-haired bible thumpers from Chicago worship at the altar of heavy metal (primarily Led Zeppelin) just as much as God and seem to know that if you wanna get to heaven you gotta raise a little hell.  Gritty-voiced singer/rhythm guitarist Glenn Kaiser leads the group, joined occasionally on vocals by his wife Wendi, but lead guitarist/keyboardist Stu Heiss nearly steals the show with some hellacious fretwork throughout.  The monster riff of the awesome doom-laden title track combined with its female lead vocals suggest Black Sabbath crossed with Jefferson Airplane/Starship, an unlikely mixture of heaviness that works beyond belief.  Other killer highlights are "Lightshine", "Irish Garden", "Death of the Dying", "Waves", and the epic "Broken Promises".

From RYM (HellBentForLager) 

Blue Ash - No More, No Less (1973 usa rock)
 Blue Ash - No More, No Less

Blue Ash's 1973 debut, "No More, No Less", recently received its long-overdue debut CD release (Universal Special Markets B0011701-2, 2008 ***).  Their "Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?)" is long since a stone cold classic in Power Pop annals, and not only because of the Records' excellent late '70s cover.  Just like fellow U.S. Power Poppers Raspberries and Big Star - to name only two - Ohio's Blue Ash were sadly out of sync (and fashion) in the early '70s pop landscape of over-the-top prog, pomp & circumstance.  Therefore their debut album, inspite of favourable all-around reviews, somehow missed its mark.  However, by a word-of-mouth its reputation has grown in stature over the years and this CD issue is soooo long-overdue that it borders on the ridiculous!  Nonetheless, its legendary status (ie "hype") somehow fails to live up to its reputation.  I like their 2CD Not Lame issue of demos and rarities from 2004 a lot more than this.  But, hey!, that's just me.  All the same this is a solid three-star release, and if you're a Power Pop enthusiast it does most certainly belong in your collection.
 From RYM (haj1909) 

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Misongod ha detto...

Merry Xmas to you and family

Zosimos ha detto...

Ohi bello!
Continuo a seguirti e, ovviamente, a fruire delle tue scoperte, anche se non ci sentiamo da un po'.
Intanto buon anno!


Betelgeuse ha detto...

ciao bello!grazie e altrettanto!sono contento che passi ancora di qua!!!

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