sabato, gennaio 22, 2011

Bifrost - Bifrost (dan 1976 hippe rock- prog)

Bifrost - Bifrost

The debut from last of the important Danish hippe-groups, before punk and new wave made their kind seem terribly obsolete.
By accident I witnessed their debut-concert as they were support for my beloved Blue Öyster Cult in - I think - 1975, before even this album was out. It was in their first and best incarnation with the guioar-player Finn Jensen, who also was a great singer in the John Lennon-mold. And way before Happy Mondays/Bez they had a guy, who just danced and play various percussion. He was called Anapurna and given a single song as well, "Narrens sang", which is included here.
This album is a fairly good representation of the Danish grass-roots hippie movement in its last stage. And as such quite enjoyable. But also almost unbearably naïve in places.
From RYM (Drifterdk)

2 commenti:

roger ha detto...

this sounds intresting, thanx for this, nice to have seen them live im sure, best to you my friend.

adamus67 ha detto...

I never heard...until now!

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