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The Chocolate Watchband - No Way Out (1967 great psych garage)

The Chocolate Watchband - No Way Out

ok, so this isnt really a "Chocolate Watchband" album.
ok some of it is, but on half of these tracks, the lead vocals were handled by some session singer at the management's or label's or producer's request.
frankly that decision is plain baffling, because the singer used would clearly have been more suited to soul/motown music than a trippy garagey album and because the band's own singer (who sings on a handful of songs here and some fine singles) sounds like a snottier west-coast version of Mick Jagger.
Then there's the two instrumentals created by the producer that the band doesnt even play on.
sure the band were short changed by some of those decisions, especially the singer, but at the end of the day the finished record is actually really good.
its a mix of trippy garagey music, with some more overtly psychedelic moments such as the two aforementioned instrumentals, the bo diddley-meets-raga track of Gone And Passes By, the backwards ending of the title track and the trippy ending of Gossamer Wings.
Sure this could have been better if the band's own singer (should really put in the effort to look up his name here) had handled the vocals, but as it is this is a great psychedelic garage album.
From RYM (koeeoaddi_there)

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