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Silmaril - The Voyage of Icarus (1974 folk psych xstian)

Silmaril - The Voyage of Icarus

Sono abbastanza deluso da questo disco...pensavo fosse un bell'esempio di psych-dreaming spych (a la Leopold per intenderci) invece il tutto risulta stucchevole e spesso assai noioso per i miei gusti...comunque è considerato un ottimo lavoro dai più...giudicate voi!

This wasn 't originally released in 1974! If you actually owned the CD then you'd know that this compilation consists of tracks from their 1973 release 'Given Time or the Several Roads' and from the unreleased 1974 album 'No Mirrored Temple'. To quote:
"The Voyage of Icarus captures the dark, mysterious, and achingly beautiful acid folk & Christian themed psychedelic sounds that emanated from 1973's highly collectable privately pressed album, Given Time... Or the Several Roads, and their dormant, unreleased follow up No Mirrored Temple."

From RYM (hairybreath)

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