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FM - Direct to Disc (1978 great can prog)

FM - Direct to Disc

This album really took me by surprise. FM was one of those Canadian progressive rock bands that often had commercial inclinations, but this second album, from 1978 was easily their least commercial album. Nash the Slash has left by this point and Ben Mink came in, playing the same instruments: electric violin and electric mandolin. Yes, the same Ben Mink who later found himself playing for k.d. lang (yikes!). Well, if you were one put off by FM's commercial inclinations, you'll be really happy with Headroom - Direct to Disc. It's basically two side length cuts, with the title track and "Border Crossing". This allowed the band to be more experimental than usual, where Cameron Hawkins includes some trippy spacy synthesizers, and Ben Mink gives it all with his violin work (something I noticed he toned down considerably on Surveillance). Even Martin Deller gives us some of his most interesting drum work. That's a great thing about letting the band just sit down and improvise here. Too bad FM couldn't continue in this direction, probably because this was the late '70s with punk and disco all the rage. Honestly I think FM made a couple of great albums, but I really thought they lost it with City of Fear, but I really think Head Room is certainly one of their finest albums!
From RYM (proghead72)

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Freg ha detto...

This took me by surprise, too, because i didn't know it existed! I have their CD "Black Noise" but i thought that that was the only record they ever released. Wrong again....

Great stuff, and many thanks.

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