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Gulliver - Gulliver (1969 psych - rock)

Gulliver - Gulliver
A teenaged Daryl Hall formed this group with close friend Tim Moore back in the late 60's. They were heavily influenced by gospel and doo-wop but it didn't really show in this album, the only one they ever made. Daryl had the stronger lead voice but ironically, Tim sang most of the tracks including the sad "Angelina" which is about a blind girl who posed for the artist in the song. Go out and track down this weird HALL & OATS bootleg lp called EARLY YEARS (it has an all-brown cover, you can't miss it), it has the alternate version of "Angelina" with DARYL's lead vocal! It's superior to the lp version.

The other tracks on the album are mostly blues rockers, nothing much to holler about but it is enjoyable. Tim Moore went on to do a bunch of very good solo lps and wrote the brilliant "ROCK N ROLL LOVE LETTER" for the Bay City Rollers! He also did a version himself on one of his own lps!
From RYM (kupa99)

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