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The Springfield Rifle - The Springfield Rifle (1968 psych pop)

The Springfield Rifle - The Springfield Rifle

This album is an enjoyable listen. A group of good songs with a bunch of covers. A really solid version of Will you still love me tomorrow, is probably the best track on the album. Overall these guys are good players that can sing well. There is nothing incredibly distinctive or inventive on the album, but, nonetheless, is fun to have on while hanging out with a few friends a glass of wine.
From RYM (bfazz)

2 commenti:

adamus67 ha detto...

Wow! This turns out to be some very interesting and at times quite powerful psych! I like it, and I'm impressed! I'm listening that album and I'm in heaven. Very good stuff,my ears are very,very happy!!! Thanks a lot

Betelgeuse ha detto...

i'm very happy you like it adamus!;)

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