lunedì, marzo 28, 2011

Octavian - Simple Kinda People (75 usa southern-hard rock)

Octavian - Simple Kinda People

great only album by canadian band with bad stylist and bad moustaches. the single "good feeling (to know)" is undeniably very catchy. "i've got a good feeling, just reach out and i'll give it to you."

they've got a southern rock style with kickass guitar riffs, punchy drums and occasionally over the top orchestration to boot.

'desperate man', 'sun in your eyes' and 'trouble' are also pretty awesome could-have-been hits with great melodies.
if you're a canadian thrift store buyer you'll probably eventually run into this little gem and i suggest you get it if you want catchy seventies rock/pop without the guilt.
From RYM (samheaton)

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