venerdì, aprile 22, 2011

47 Its Own Weight - Cumulo Nimbus (1975 us jazz funk acid jazz)

Forty-Seven Times Its Own Weight - Cumulo Nimbus

Fairly hard acid jazz out of the mid-’70s Austin jazz scene. 47 Times (the name is a reference to an advertising slogan for Rolaids soda-mint tablets) came together from alumni of the University of Texas Music Department jazz band, as did label-mate Starcrost. Tunes on the disc range from keyboardist Robert Skiles’ downright goofy “March of the Goober Woobers” and threatening-yet-bouncy “Jig” through trumpeter Mel Winters’ “Halyards” to non-band-member Bill Ginn’s moody, meditative “47 Tears.” Well worth finding, but expect to pay through the nose for the LP, particularly in the UK, where copies go for a couple of hundred nicker each.
From RYM (marchbanks)

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