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Flamengo - Kuře v hodinkách (1972 Czech hard/Jazz prog )

Flamengo - Kuře v hodinkách

This album often makes me want to utter the trite, nonsensical, and idiotic cliché “Now that’s what I’m talking about.” It smokes with unbridled passion and energy, it has the great late 1960’s - early 1970’s vibe in so many ways, and the music is actually surprisingly well-composed. And it’s all sung in Czech, too (one of my favorite languages for singing).

Flamengo were a sax and organ driven heavy prog band from Prague. There are elements of beat, psych, and regular old rock in their sound, but the compositions and arrangements are more than complex enough to satisfy prog fans, and there’s enough energy in the performances that I could see them appealing to punkers in the same way that Van der Graaf Generator sometimes did. There are a couple of acoustic tracks, but the emphasis is on raw power prog. Great singing, great playing, what more could you want?
From RYM (dnieper111)

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