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Quincy Conserve - Epitaph 1967 - 1971 (n zealand psych)

Quincy Conserve - Epitaph 1967 - 1971

New Zealand band "The Quincy Conserve shared a multitude of musical influences, namely Soul,Funk,jazz,Prog,&psych.
On this, thier second album the liner notes read like a tombstone (right down to the R.I.P.) they must’ve felt it was their last at the time. As it happens, there is in fact an Ep (Tasteful) and another album to come.
Think about all the times you’ve been listening to a Blood, Sweat & Tears album and you thought to yourself “you know, I wish these guys were about a hundred times more awesome”, And if they were, you’d be listening to this.

Admittedly the vocalist on this album has a curious voice,
On the other hand, he sings in tune, unlike the other vocalist who has a more agreeable timbre but a tendency to sing flat. But why am I discussing such things when I could be telling you how totally awesome this album is. The early seventies were full of inspiring young men who never let lack of ability prevent them from succeeding as a rock singer - we should be proud.
Song highlights include "Alright in the city", "Aire of good feeling", "My michelle chan"
From RYM (koha)

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