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Slumberlandband - Slumberlandband (1975 holl folk prog)

Slumberlandband - Slumberlandband

This is an extremely pleasant little oddity by a few ex-C.C.C. Inc. members, which sounds better for my ears than the whole output of their previous band combined (and that's saying something because I actually have a soft spot for C.C.C. Inc. as well!). Partly Beatlesque pop (there is even a song called "The Beatles"!), partly good-timey countryish rock with fiddle a-la their parent band, and partly elaborate soft prog, it flows perfectly and provides a great soundtrack for a sunny day. Makes me wonder whether an unprecedented knack for bright, infectious melodies is something Dutch kids are taught at school, because I just can't think of another area where every bloody band is capable of writing an irresistible pop tune. Shocking Blue, Focus, Supersister, The Motions, Cosmic Dealer, Nits, Gruppo Sportivo, hell, even Mecano! Regardless of the genre, regardless of the complexity level, Lowlands abound with terrific melodies. And Slumberlandband is no exception.
From RYM (levgan)

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