lunedì, maggio 02, 2011

Art Boys Collection - Stoned Wall (1972 austrian prog psych)

Art Boys Collection - Stoned Wall

Overall, a very pleasant surprise! Not a particularly compelling cover, or band name for that matter, I bought this based on the fact that I have never gotten a weak release from this reissue label. I was sure it was worthy of investigation, and was not disappointed. Though, at times reminiscent of Squeeze or 10cc., this bands sound is a mix of soft and hard pop, with strong psychedelic flavor via the use of various psych effects, and with some prog influences as well. Also present are some nice vocal harmonies. Fully 3/4 of the tracks offered get a B- or better from me. I have little doubt that this will continue to grow on me. As usual, the accompanying booklet will fill your head with all things Art Boys Collection. Recommended..
From RYM (tymeshifter)

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carter brandon ha detto...

Seems my luck has gone bad. Broken link yesterday. Today easy share won't let me download. :(

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