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Noir - We Had To Let You Have It (1971 uk prog)

Noir - We Had To Let  You Have It

This is a very difficult record to describe. To start with, it’s different than anything else I’ve heard from this period. Overall the record is heavy on the keyboards (organ, piano) and is VERY percussive in nature (no drum solos though). Plenty of good wah-wah and fuzz guitar solos as well. The 9 minute opener is dog slow with an almost gospel tinge to it (the vocals throughout have this spiritual, almost Native American feel). It picks up the pace considerably from there. Has a strong white boy R&B vibe, as if Rare Earth recorded an album for the Dawn label. Also hear slight references to Indian Summer as well. (RYM Ashratom)

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Moes Lake ha detto...

This is wonderful record. And the guitarist is seriously talented! thanks!

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