venerdì, luglio 22, 2011

Murahachibu - Live + 1(jap hard rock garage 1973)

Murahachibu - Live + 1
Why are there no reviews for this band? I own an album of theirs called 'Live' from 1973 and it is wonderful. The rhythm guitar riffs have a definite Keith Richards influence. The drumming is really strong and 'on the money'. If you enjoy the sound of a real, nonproduced, basic, infectious drum kit then this is the album for you. There are copies of Chuck Berry-type songs and stuff like that. Some of it puts me in mind of The Stooges. Of course the singing is all in Japanese but with music this good, who cares? I would recommend this to anyone who likes good basic no-nonsense real music. From RYM (xvgi)

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