lunedì, agosto 08, 2011

Color Humano - Vol 2&3 (arg heavy psych/blues 72 73)

"Color Humano 3" seemed to re-find the creative songwriting of the first album, perhaps featuring a better production for their 70s' heavy prog rock, and quite interesting instrumental passages, for instance in the long "Las historias que tengo".
The tongue-in-cheek "Mañana por la noche", "Hace casi 2000 años" & "Cosas rústicas" (aka "Coto de caza") must be the highlights of this final Color Humano's album...not a big fan of the Edelmiro Molinari's vocals, nevertheless I like the album, it's quite ace during some passages, a bit so-so at times though.
Color Humano never reached the excellence of other Argentine bands of its time, like Invisible, Almendra, Vox Dei or Manal, but will be reminded as part of the idealized 70s, and for albums like this one.
From RYM (death metal doll)

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