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Jam Factory - Sittin in the Trap(1970 us jazzrock jazz fusion)

Jam Factory - Sittin in the Trap
Obscure horn rock band from new york. This is a tough one to review this band plays a mix of blues, soul, rock and pyschadelia with a very good horn section. The vocals are good here as well nice and soulfull and deep there are a few singers here. My only complaint about this album is the lyrical content most of the lyrics here are about getting along, getting together, loving each other respect your brother bla bla i wasnt around at the time of the war and whatever else was going on in the late 60's and early 70's so i cant identify anyway the album is growing on me the more i listen to it. This album is blogged at redtelephone66 check it out 
From RYM (rockyg)

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