mercoledì, settembre 28, 2011

The Unspoken Word - Tuesday, April 19th (1968 us psych folk)

The Unspoken Word - Tuesday, April 19th.
Appears to be a bit of a concept bunch of songs - introspection and awakenings...done with such a literate and eloquent touch that it belies its' time of conception and execution. With undeniable touches of teh psychedelia, this is intelligent, thoughtful 60s baroque pop of the highest order. The two inner points of view on 'Distant Oh So Far', delivered by way of male/female lead vocals, is a real neat trick that's pulled off with panache and a wonderful lightness of production/arrangement...and that's just one example of how they get it all so RIGHT here. They go and blow it right at the closing, though, with the typically embarrasing late 60s carry-on called 'We're Growing'. Ignore.

From RYM (moondoggieferg)

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