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Utopia - Utopia (1973 Ger Krautrock)

Utopia - Utopia

Probably more like 3.75 stars. Unless you're a confused Todd Rundgren fan, you probably aren't reading this unless you're more than just a casual fan of Amon Duul II. So, should you add this to your pile of ADII CDs? Yes, if you can find it (not that easy) for a reasonable price (even harder). You're probably aware that technically this isn't even an Amon Duul record; their name was attached only upon a 2nd CD re-release. It began as one member's solo project and then the AD principals jumped in and helped. Thus, in hindsight, calling it an ADII record isn't too much of a stretch. The music itself is pleasantly all over the place. 'Alice' sounds kind of like Kevin Ayers w/a bad sore throat. 'Nasi Goring' sounds like grooved-out '60s Italian soundtrack music. 'Deutsch Nepal' is 'Stonehenge'-era Spinal Tap as hell (including the tongue-in-cheek aspect). 'Jazz Kiste' sounds like a '70s Miles Davis track (think 'Big Fun' or 'On The Corner' but not as repetitive). The rest is maybe a bit more conventional but certainly listenable. The version I have is the Gammarock CD. It includes some bonus tracks. Two are pretty awful (circa '97 recordings; trying way too hard to sound contemporary), one is yet another version of 'Deutsch Nepal' (OK but sort of 'who cares'), and the last three are actually songs by the band 18 Karat Gold (which included somebody from ADII). I assumed these would be pure dreck but 2 of them ('Goldrush' and 'Star Eyed') are quite good. The bottom line I guess is this is worth buying if you have the first 4 or 5 ADII albums and want to add a decent little coda to your collection. 
From RYM (themouthbreather)

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