giovedì, settembre 22, 2011

Vindication - Vindication (1973 Xstian Prog)

Vindication - Vindication
Indiana based Christian progressive rock band. No mistaking its Midwest identity, with those unique bowling-alley-beer-binges-meets-barbershop-quartet harmony vocals. Music is insanely complex for the time and place, and especially for the subject matter. It would seem Ohio's The Load may have heard or known Vindication as well, though they weren't near as complex as their brethren to the West. This one seems to get better with age. 
From RYM (ashratom)

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V ! ha detto...

Just listened to Satan's song on youtube...gonna try this one for sure! Surely interesting blend and even when it's ripe - can't admit that i look forward hearing this. Thank you!

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