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ANCORA '70!(AGAIN '70!)

Salve a tutti!
ancora una volta un gran disco! Questo disco è molto partocolare e deve essere gustato senza fretta e con attenzione! Il sound è molto partocolare, di ledzeppelina memoria ma al contempo mantiene una forte carica di espressività ed originalità!Ci sono momenti carichi con chitarre tirate al massimo ("You're in america", "Cleveland,Ohio","when you're movin")ed altre con atmosfere particolarissime come la strumentale "twilight" che fa da traino a "Prayer" che esplode nella ultima parte del brano...un gran bel disco!da ascoltarecon attenzione, al buio, in silenzio!spero di avervi incuriosito!
spero apprezziate!
Cleveland's enigmatic Granicus recorded just one eponymous LP before fading into rock & roll oblivion, but boy, it's an absolute gem! Quietly released by RCA in 1973, Granicus is truly an album out of time — especially its own — which perhaps explains its eventual commercial failure. Years on, the record acts as a veritable time capsule, taking the listener back to that tenuous transition point where late-'60s progressive rock and experimental psychedelia finally gave way once and for all to what is now considered the classic '70s hard rock sound. Indeed, it's this convoluted transformation process that simultaneously informs the album with its edgy, nervous energy and helps explain its mysteriously lasting appeal. Elements of the old ways pervade the wistful interlude "Twilight," the prog-tastic "Nightmare," and the 11-minute freakout "Prayer," while ballsy hard rockers like "You're in America" and "When You're Movin'" reflect the new world order imposed by the church of Led Zeppelin. Somewhere in between, an optimum balance is struck by excellent single "Bad Talk," the scorching, self-affirming tirade of "Cleveland Ohio" (where singer Woody Leffel scats his way through every insult ever aimed at his hometown's citizens: "Uncool, unheavy, ungroovy, unfunky, unhip, greaseball!"), and the amazing hard boogie workout that is closer "Paradise." As for the bandmembers, their technical prowess and taut interplay drives all of the above into truly impressive realms of inspiration, and with his piercing shrieks and bluesy falsetto, Leffel is a positively eerie sonic precursor to Rush's Geddy Lee. Rock & roll history may have dealt them a losing hand in the end, but there'll always be a place in musical anthropologists' hearts for both Granicus the band and Granicus the album.

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(us-southern- 1978)

The Marshall Tucker Band - Together Forever

mi sono approcciato a qusto album con un filo di diffidenza ma devo ammettere il mio errore...Ottimo disco di musica southern con una forte venatura blues ma anche un grande e bellissimo "hard riffin'"assolutamente da sentire il grandissimo lavoro del chitarrista!

A True Art!!!Awesome record by the old rock and roll...Nothings better than the west!!


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Csaszi ha detto...

Great blog!
Unfortunatelly I can't download the musics, only megaupload toolbar!!!
Csaszi from Hungary

Anonimo ha detto...

Hi my friend!
I hope so,you´ll will be back soon again.Nice album ,super hard rock prog.scene...
And I want to ask you,do you have album SHOOT-On the Frontier 1973/when
disbanded Raw Material,guitarist Dave Green formed this band/ ?
Please post it.
Than You. Very nice blogg!

Fabio Brasil ha detto...

Very good the MR ALBERT SHOW album!!Do you know their second:Warm Motor?If you have it,can you upload, please?
Many thanks.

Chris ha detto...

Thanks....heard a lot about this band. The vocalist is insane. Great album. Thanks again.

Anonimo ha detto...

thanks for this great band, excelent.

Vasily Zaytsev ha detto...

Granicus,what a brilliant band! I can not understand how someone can record this brilliant album that few people know him, and even worse to dissolve the band after such a masterpiece!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

one of the greatest record ever!i agree with you Vasily...

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