sabato, maggio 30, 2009

Gila -night works (1999-krautrock)

Gila - Night Works


Dull Knife - Electric Indian (1971 kraut)

Dull Knife - Electric Indian


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nahavanda ha detto...

Hi miso! whats up man? long time no see in pnf room, come often :)
We just did some buttons for friends to put their site, if you like one of that button deserves to be in your site too :D

many greetz. tc :o)

Betelgeuse ha detto...

heya Naha!!!
i'm very sorry but i have some problems with internet connection and my pc (now the most of the problems seems to be solved, i have to re-instal slsk and share a decent amount of files!)
Oh great that button! just few moments and i will add on main page (let me tell you somethings about your's a very cool place!!!! i think you worked very hard for that results!)
I will join very soon on pnfrog-room!

nahavanda ha detto...

oh hope you fix net connection in a soon time, i am glad that you like the site! some folks work harder on that blogwatch thing, good to see it becomes a handy useful thing. i was not around, i missed blogging :) hope to see you soon mate! take care (and many thanks, button looks cool ;) )

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