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ARMAGEDDON- s/t (1975 Masterpiece heavy rock)

Questo post vi regala un album a mia vista spettacolare con un sound che porge il tributo ai classici sound '70 anche se emerge un forte tendenza ad indurire i suoni (anche se ancora non si può parlare di heavy rock!) Tutto il disco sono 5 tracce per un 40 min. di musica.
Le canzoni sono tutte bellissime eccezion fatta per la seconda traccia: Si inizia con la chitarra e wah di "buzzard", si passa alla pur bella ma a mio aviso un po troppo prolissa "silver tightrope" ma si ritorna ad elevati livelli con "Paths and Planes and Furture Gains ". interessante l'ultima traccia che racchiude più parti (a mo' dei Captain Beyond)...un gran bel disco da ascoltare con piacere anche se purtroppo l'unico in quanto il cantante Relf (ex Yardbirds) morì fulminato nel suo bagno nel 1976...
alla prossima!
Rewiev by M. Prindle
The album is excellently good! The electric guitars are EXTREMELY loud in the mix, playing hard rock that's about as hard as, say, Aerosmith but seems harder because, again, the guitars are REALLY darned loud in the mix. The songs are all very long (only 5 tunes on the whole album!), but delightfully diverse, from the punk speed apocalyptic "Buzzard" to the "Love Hurts"-style shimmer balladry of "Silver Tightrope" to the proto-thrash "Paths And Planes And Future Gains" to the Funkmaster Jenkins "Last Stand Before" before closing with the crackly blues hoedown hybrid "Basking In The White Of The Midnight Sun." The songs are certainly repetitious, but not dull. The riffs are just too cool to seem repetitive! Very neat vocals from Mr. Relf too - his voice has gotten huskier since his dorky Yardbirds days and, mixed slightly below the screaming guitars on most of the album, he sounds like just another instrument.

SALAMANDER - THE 10 COMANDAMENTS (1971 hard prog gem)

Salamander - The Ten Commandments

Disco particolarissimo ed oltremodo raro!l'ho scovato per caso!il tema proposto è quello di un hard forse meglio un soft prog-rock con notevoli inserti sinfonici (a mo' dei purple ma maggiormenti centrati sulla banda e non sulla orchestra...)ascoltate, vi farà passare piacevoli momenti!

A fine example of early UK symphonic progressive, this is a concept album based on the Bible's Ten Commandments. Each track presents one of the Commandments. Nice organ, guitar, and vocals. Although not credited on the album's liner notes as far as I can tell, there is also some excellent supporting horn and woodwind. Very orchestral and pastoral at times. On some tracks the narrative style reminds me of Rick Wakeman's concept albums from the 70's. On other tracks, this is very reminiscent to me of late 60's/early 70's pastoral UK folk/psych. On still yet other tracks, the organ evokes an early Deep Purple feeling. However, the Moody Blues comparisons I've read here and elsewhere are not really all that valid to my ears. For me, this is a masterpiece that I highly recommend.


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Play LOUDER! For Best Results ha detto...

ARMAGEDDON is one of the greatest & loudest Heavy Rock album of the period. I own it on vinyl for years now and wouldn't trade it for anything. Absolutely a must-have!

Lasse2112 ha detto...

This is like you say a classic album.
What can I say but DOWNLOAD IT!
If you like guitar rock from the 70s,
then this it it! Buzzard. What a killer track that is!
Keep up the good work Orion!

Aguar ha detto...

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