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Crack- day of doom (1976-hard psych)

This is the second title we’ve released that originally appeared on the Tiger Lily label, (the other being the Velvet Turner Group’s eponymous album - RRCD040) and although musically quite different, both recordings boast the same high production values, with the sound on this record, which is widely regarded as one of the label’s best albums, being particularly good.
Tiger Lily was another alleged tax scam label, this time owned and run by Morris Levy, the head of Roulette, who was supposedly connected with a well known crime family and enjoyed the dubious distinction of being the model for Hesh in the Sopranos! During its brief lifetime the label released at least 70 albums from the likes of Dobie Gray and Richard Prior, as well as a clutch of obscure psych albums which have disappeared without trace.
Day Of Doom (Tiger Lily TL14048) apart from its rocking 12-bar opener, features some of the best hard rock psych you’re likely to hear, with some outstanding flute in the Ian Anderson style and some fine synth work augmented by some strong piano and accompanying strings. Many tracks feature some decidedly jazzy interludes.
A well produced and brilliantly executed album which is sure to delight the discerning listener. Highly recommended.

BLACK PEARL- ST(1969 heavy psych)

Black Pearl - Black Pearl

Andiamo sempre di più sulle rarità!purtroppo non ho molte info ho solo trovato ciò che leggerete poi (ancora in inglese!)

When Moulty, The Barbarians drummer left the band, the remaining members (Fieldings, Causi and Benson) moved from Boston to San Francisco and with the addition of fellow Bostonian Jeff Morris and Molcahy and O'Connor formed Black Pearl in 1967. The bands three guitar line-up created one of the first heavy psych groups, with strong R&B roots. Their first album, produced by Lee Kiefer and Richard Moore, contained nine short tracks, with titles like Crazy Chicken, White Devil and Mr. Soul Satisfaction. It's cover was designed by Eve Babitz.
The second album was recorded live at the Fillmore West in September 1968 and contained an eleven minute version of James Brown's Cold Sweat.
Bernie Fieldings also guested on Fusion's Border Town album.


2 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

Thanks for a great post, Betelgeuse. What was strange was that the first few tracks sound like a different band than the remainder of the LP. I think that the last half is the best with some great tracks, including 'Day of Doom', 'Andrea', and 'Earth'.

Great pick!...thanks again, Bri

Thierry ha detto...

Sorry but I don't agree with the 1st comment : to my mind, this is a useless reissue and Radioactive was very active with these bad bands (1 good by 2 or 3 bad); they have no imagination and the sound is not good, and, that's not at all hard psy but very poor music.
Why no reissues of gemms like :
FUSION-Border Town ; MUSIC ASYLUM-Commit Thyself ; TOUCHSTONE -Tarot ; WILD BUTTER-Same ; UNSPOKEN WORD-Tuesday, April 19th ?????
Don't take this opinion for you, Mr. Betelgeuse, you make your job but I'm fussy about the music.
Take care !

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