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CAPTAIN BEYOND - S/T(masterpiece space-hard rock-1972)

Continuiamo sulla Purple family! questo disco l'ho cercato per 2 anni in tutti i negozi e ovviamente non "esisteva" nemmeno!...sono riuscito a comprarlo in america ad un prezzo consiglio anche a voi di comprarlo!è un hard rock spaziale con chiare influenze deeppurpliane (infatti Rod Evans, il primo cantante dei purple è il cantante di questo supergruppo) Il disco è un concetto unico che segue una sua logica (tanto che potrebbe essere ascoltato tutto insieme di un fiato)inutile parlare delle singole, una ve la devo dire!ascoltate la 4 traccia!

ciao a tutti!

A short trip through space. This music is full of heavy riffs and cosmic lyrics. The record drives quickly through its 35-minute length. Most of the work is done in a "standard" rock way, with lots of guitars and drums, but occasionally bells and vocal harmonies make the music light and delicate. The record is actually a series of songs and interludes forming one large song, and it's concise and varied enough to avoid the droning excesses of bands like Hawkwind. In conclusion, a very good space rock album.

This album rocks from start to finish. The best way to categorize this would be progressive/southern rock, I say southern primarily because of the vocals and "Allman" like guitar. Not surprising since this was released on the Allman's Capricorn label. In fact, this album was dedicated to Duane Allman. All the cuts flow together and are laden with hard rock guitar and frequent time changes. This is an essential listen if one has a proclivity for heavy progressive rock



(masterpiece -space-hard rock 1973)

i Capt. beyond hanno fatto a distanza di un anno l'uno dall'altro 2 capolavori anche se differenti tra loro!il primo un po' più inspirato che seguiva una idea fino alla fine del disco, mentre questo più solido e forse meno "spaziale"rispetto al primo, ma nonostante tutto è un capolavoro!dalla title trak fino alla fine è un disco che vi stupirà!

Wow, I really wish this band would have recorded more. This album is quite different than their debut. If you can imagine an amalgamate of Santana, The Allman Brothers, and a touch of Return to Forever, then that should give you a pretty good idea about the overall sound of this album. These guys were definitely unique. This 1973 offering is simply fantastic and is a testament to the exemplary musicianship and eclecticism inherent in this band. Highlights of this recording are the radio friendly title track (an adventurous acoustic cut), "Everything's a Circle" (a progressive cut with a latin groove), and "Distant Sun" (another proggish track bordering on fusion and my personal favourite). The album cover is awesome as well. Check it!!!


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