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Purple family!
TOMMY BOLIN- TEASER(1975-hard rock funk)

Beh che aspettate ad ascoltarlo?ottimo chitarrista passato ai porpora dopo la dipartita di Blackmore...non adatto allo stile strettamente purpliano perchè dotato di un tocco soul jazz etnico che ha reso perle i dischi solisti mentre ha inpoverito la carica di lord e company! da ascoltare!

Teaser is a brilliant, yet under-appreciated recording, from the legendary Tommy Bolin. This release should be a part of any guitar player's collection. Bolin displays his unique songwriting & skillful playing ability throughout this nine cut offering. "The Grind" opens the set with an infectious groove, that pulls the listener in. "Homeward Strut" is an instrumental, with a funky edge, while "Dreamer" and "Savannah Woman" lean toward the mellow side. The highlights from Teaser are the classic title track, as well as "People, People" and the hard hitting "Wild Dogs". The LP closes with "Lotus", a complex track that shows-off Bolin's deft guitar skills and solid vocals. Tommy Bolin was able to weave various music styles into his work on a consistent basis. Creative genius from a man who left us much too early in life. Tommy Bolin -- we miss you... thanks for the great music during your brief run. KNOCK IT BACK!


TOMMY BOLIN - PRIVATE EYES(great hard rock 1976)

questo è il secondo disco solista (non sto contando i miliardi di dischi che ha fatto collaborando -james gang,muzon,zephyr,purple) e c'è chi dice che sia un filo sotto apprezzo +cose qui ma penso di essere una pecora nera...comunque assolutamente da sentire "post tosted" che probabilmente è stata ripresa da jj cale per la sua "cocaine".

Private Eyes (1976) is a solid follow-up to the excellent Teaser recording. Unfortunately this was the last recorded studio effort from Tommy Bolin, as he passed away on December 4, 1976, following a performance in Miami. Private Eyes was recorded six months before Bolin's unexpected death. The flagship cut from this effort is "Post Toastee", a nine-minute track which stands out as an AOR masterpiece from the '70's. Other hot songs from this disc include "Bustin' Out For Rosey", "Shake The Devil" and "You Told Me That You Loved Me". Unlike Teaser, Private Eyes was laid down with the official Tommy Bolin Band, which at that time included Norma Jean Bell, Reggie McBride, Mark Stein, and Bobby Berge. In the end Private Eyes is not quite as diverse as Teaser, however is an exceptional set of songs, from a truly great rock artist. Tommy Bolin left this world much too young... his music lives on forever.


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Jason ha detto...

I had never heard Tommy Bolin before. Just read the Wiki entry and apparently I'd heard his session work without knowing it. This is a nice find. Thanks!

Betelgeuse ha detto...

it's a pleasure!
i love it, i find both album very enjoyable (i love "post tostee") imho better than "come and taste the band"
by Deep Purple (with bolin as guitarist!)
btw nice to see you here!;)

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