mercoledì, maggio 06, 2009

(great german cosmic space prog-1974)

Yatha Sidhra - A Meditation Mass

Che non amo sonorità "cosmiche" ma devo dire che questo disco è veramente bello!!!!ovviamente non prendetelo come un disco di musica rock con canzoni con comparti stagni ma piuttosto come un viaggio cosmico!!!Ripeto non sono un amante del genere ma questo album è bello!consigliato!!

A 40 minute + workout from little known yet highly regarded Krautrock outfit Yatha Sidhra that meanders through a number of musical influences (interestingly none being especially Krautrock!).As expected from the band's name and album title there is a strong influence from the Indian subcontinent and this goes on throughout the whole LP with many passages evoking Indian music.Then there is the jazz influence that runs from Part 2 into 3 and is almost Sun Ra in feel and the highlight of the piece.The flute work as mentioned in other reviews is wonderful and adds a lighter mood and feel.The playing must be influenced by the great jazz flautists especially Roland Kirk.All in all a fine record that loses direction on occasion but which is great for throwing on and then chilling out to.It is so much better than all the endless "chill-out" CD compilations that have been forced upon us.


(1972-good Krautrock)

Häx Cel - Zwai

Hi!this is a great album, similar to Zuphall's album but a little bit more soft...more song have a classical taste (expecially for the song "Albinoni"!)Good kraut album!


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Jason ha detto...

I had the Yatha album on CD but haven't brought it into iTunes and sort of forgot how nice it is. Thanks for the reminder!

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