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(1974 -Hard - prog)

Beckett - Beckett

Disco particolare ma piacevolissimo!ci sono un po' tutte le atmosfere con momenti riflessivi, a volte quasi onirici, e ottimi esempi di hard in senso stretto!consigliato vivamente!

good uk progressive rock produced by roger chapman of FAMILY. and with the special guest of the fiddler wilf gibson of ELO.


Orang-Utan - Orang-Utan (1970 hard rock)

Orang-Utan - Orang-Utan

Great one off album from this early 70's UK five piece.
Hard Rock with a blues background by the sound of things, great guitar and vocals.
This one should appeal to fans of Leafhound, Led Zeppelin, Free etc.
Only released in West Germany at the time, their self-titled 1971 album has come to the attention of a wider audience since its cd rerelease on Lizard Records in the late 1990s. Give this one a shot, there's at least one classic track on here, (opener, "I Can See Inside Your Head"), but the rest of the material is of a very high standard too. Vocals are in the Pete French/Paul Rogers style, the feller has a great set of pipes. Just a pity they didn't record more than this one album. As a legacy, it's slim, but groaning with quality. File beside "Growers Of Mushroom".

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