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The Blues Project - Lazarus(1971 blues psych)
The Blues Project - Lazarus
Tommy Flanders was long gone. Al Kooper and Steve Katz left to start Blood, Sweat and Tears leaving the band with out it's three best vocalists. What's left is great playing, good material and mediocre if not awful vocals.

The title track "Lazarus" is the highlight(it's actually sung fairly well). Danny Kalb manages to supply some good guitar on several other tracks to at least make an interesting listen. This album was repackaged with The Blues Project, which was the other Capitol label release on CD and it has a different line up that includes Tommy Flanders as vocalist.

The Blues Project - The Blues Project(1972)

The Blues Project - The Blues Project

In 1972 Tommy Flanders rejoined a version of The Blues Project that included Danny Kalb and Roy Blumenfield. Even though Flanders had demonstrated a tender and skilled singing voice on his own Moonstone a couple of years earlier, he referred to his heavier more bluesy voice for this.

The best song hands down is their cover of Tim Hardin's "Danville Dame", a song that is given a fine workout by the group. A few other songs are impressive and there isn't anything that doesn't work.

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andre ha detto...

Hello Betelgeuse
Thanks for Blues Project,i have Lazarus but not the other Album.

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