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(1973 GREAT greek hard rock psych)

Socrates Drank the Conium - On the Wings

Ascoltando la prima traccia ho gridato al miracolo!Ha un intro allucinante (qualche artista italiano mi sa che si è un filino inspirato a questa relese dei nostri eroi ellenici!) il disco nel complesso è bello ma purtroppo non raggiunge più vette dell'"opener"!a voi i commenti!

This is more like it. A huge boast forward for the Greek cult band. Good production this time as Socrates alter their music just a bit, adding new elements to their hard blues-rock fusion. The band includes progressive and Greek traditional features making their sound more qualitative. Yannis Spathas makes orgies with his guitar, Tourkogiorgis sings like he never did before, and Dukakis and Tradalidis are perfect side-kicks, completing perfect musicianship. Unfortunately though, the fate of this band was never to escape Greek boundaries and therefore met only little success and recognition abroad. Great songs are featured here such as the famous "Death is gonna die" (later known as "Killer" from the Phos album), "Distruction", "Naked Trees" and "Lovesick kid's blues", all crowd favourites, as are all tracks from the album. This is definitely a recording that deserves better respect by music lovers and especially those who claim to like the music of the 70's. Fantastic Greek heavy blues rock album with excellent guitar playing and solid rhythm section.Recommended to fans of 70s heavy blues and heavy progressive rock.


Socrates Drank the Conium - Same (1972)

Very good effort by the Greek blues-rock act recorded at a very difficult time for the country (dictatorship), when the genre they played wasn't especially appreciated in Greece. Their self-titled album unfortunately was recorded with very poor production but features the amazing talents of its creators. Yannis Spathas is a cult guitar god who nowadays is taught about in music schools abroad due to his unique guitar playing style. Antonis Tourkogiorgis is still famous in his country for his vocals and his standout bass playing. The drummer Elias Boukouvalas is also a very capable musician. The band (especially Spathas) has been unfairly ignored throughout its history by bigger markets. Socrates Drank The Conium contains the band's influences by Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Cream and B.B. King and other similar acts of the era, and is characterized by straight forward blues-rock music similar to the previous references. There are many crowd-pleasers here such as the original versions of "Starvation" and "Underground" (later recorded as "A day in heaven" on the [Phos] album) but all the songs are good and will not leave the genre fan disappointed. This cult-album is a respectable effort which was only a sample of what was going to follow.

Socrates Drank the Conium - Taste of Conium

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kosice ha detto...

And this sure is exciting - great album, I love the first 3 albums by this great band. Excellent combination of great melodies, fuzz guitar and I can even hear some elements of traditional Greek music...everybody needs this!

andre ha detto...

I like the first Album much,Thanks

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