venerdì, gennaio 02, 2009

little greek trip part1!!!
un po di musica greca che oscilla tra l'hard rock e il prog...da sentire gli akritas!
a voi!
Akritas - Akritas (1973-space-prog)

Akritas - Akritas

Good Greek heavy prog LP from 1973. They come off sounding a little like an Italian prog band of that era. Nice lead guitar work, with a sort of eastern feel.
Fairly decent trippy electronic effects here and there. Lot's of keyboards ala ELP.
The album varies from improvised jamming, to more structured song writing.
It's worth giving a listen!


Axis - Axis(1973-hard rock-prog)
Axis - Axis

The album doesn't seem to have a strong direction but everything the band touches turns into something wicked. Hard rock, mellotron washes that could have become King Crimson's worst nightmare and Canterbury gentle touches on Fender Rhodes. Some moments lack consistence but overall this is a surprising recording from the golden age.


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