venerdì, agosto 07, 2009

mi rifaccio del tempo perduto e vi propongo ancora un po' di musica psych (Tanto per gradire!spero apprezziate!!!)IO consiglio su tutti gli N.S.U.(credo sia l'acronimo di "non specific uretrits" ovvero la malattia venerea tipica di chi non ha freni inibitori!)A voi!

N.S.U.-Turn On, Or Turn Me Down (u.k. heavy psych1969)

N.S.U. - Turn On, Or Turn Me Down

Slick hard rocking psych album from this 4 piece band, featuring the solid guitar of Ernest Rea. Check out "the Game" and "On the Road.

track 3 is missing! there is the missing one...:

Plastic Penny -two Sides of a Penny (1968 uk psych)

Plastic Penny - Two Sides of a Penny

Their debut album, released by Page One in 1968. This is underrated UK pop-sike merchants, and includes their UK Top 10 hit "Everything I am", the rare "Nobody knows it" and "Happy just to be with you" as bonus tracks.
Fairly lightweight psychedelic pop with major reliance on a pretty good organ sound. Their most popular song "Everything I Am" isn't one of the best though its not bad. I like "Wake Me Up" and I thought the cover of the Association's "Never My Love" was almost as good as the original. Also very good, is the cover of "Strawberry Fields Forever," which really uses the organ effectively. "Mrs. Grundy" is a little different but still worthwhile. Not for everyone, but if you like the lighter side of British psych then I guess at least look into it.


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jan ha detto...

good evening,thanks for plastic penny and all the great psych rock!great blog!

Anonimo ha detto...

Aorta is pretty good. I'm going to listen to Shadrack this weekend and maybe Plastic Penny. I'm impressed by great stuff on this blog.
Many thanks num drum

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