lunedì, agosto 10, 2009


Ellison - Ellison

Ancora un band oscura!la miscela che vi do in pasto è un hard rock ma con forte venature psych e atmosfere anche simili ai primi Sabbath e primi priest! Purtroppo i miei tempi stanno ridiventando ristretti quindi vi lascio ancora alla recensione in inglese...

Excellent Sabbath-inspired early 1970's doom from these French Canadians. Sounding like a much more psychedelic yet somehow subdued Sab, these guys reach for the milky way with their heroin/LSD-25 speedball approach. Totally wasted 'Head' rock, cheap yet delicious analog production values, early Priest soundalike guitar runs, and starter-fluid-huffing vocals all add up to one hell of a brain cell killer. Dark and gloomy, like coming down off acid on a rainy fall morning. "Winter Slutch" and "Strawberry Rain"(Killer Title!) are two of the best cuts, but the record peaks (pun intended) with "Untruth Story", a mindmelting knife-in-back-pocket-right-next-to-the-brush burnout heroin anthem. The singer laments his girl's sadness/need to do smack: "She Asked/She Asked/She Asked Me For Dope" but ultimately gives in and cops her a bag.Then, later, we get the brilliant "I Know/I Know/I Know You're So Tired" repeated over and over while a searing, wicked guitar lead soars over the top. TOTAL drug rock, possibly the best example of hesher 1970's reality I've ever heard. Remember the Eight Is Enough episode when Tommy Bradford gets caught doing bongs in his bedroom by Dick Van Patten? This is probably the music Tommy was listening to on those giant headphones...."If you take a lot, it'll kill you....." Wasted Forever. Ferociously Stoned.


Blind Ravage - same (can 1972 hard psych)

Blind Ravage - Blind Ravage


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Anonimo ha detto...

Pulse is good heavy psych. It's one of those bands who are good but not outstanding. But it's absolutely worth to give it a try.

Anonimo ha detto...

Yeah Pulse is good Sound
Thanks ANDRE
Ps.Do you have Catfish-Get down 1970?

Thierry ha detto...

I own many of these albums, but, I use your blog to discover those that I don't known (and that I'll buy later) : sorry but Anthem is not very pleasant with these bad arrangements and the vocals which don't convince me.
I didn't have listening to Pulse for a long time but the CD let me a good memory.

S.ébastien ha detto...

Thanks for the Ellison LP! So good!

But the value of the Blind Ravage is grossely exagerated! It's not THAT good of a record so it's a shame a friend o' mine paid like 250$ for it... You don't those quite often, even in Montreal!!!

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