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Stack - Above All (1969 great USA Psych)

Stack - Above All

Bel disco!!!mi è piaciuto!stiamo parlando di musica psych/hard (con una song particolarmente blueseggiante) e con molte idee valide! credo che il tutto sia ovviamente stato pubblicato solo in pochissime copie (le famose "private press") ma devo dire peccato che non hanno raggiunto il grande pubblico! peccato veramente!1 highlights su tutti "Hot days"!!!Spettacolare!a voi!

A local Californian release and one of the rarest and probably the most significant American private press hard rock album of the era. Stack was 'discovered' in the mid-eighties and since then only a half-dozen original copies have ever turned up.
Above All is a heavy blaster with echoes of U.K. freakbeat / psych creeping around in the shadows - Stack had an unusually super-distorted guitar sound, the result of using special custom made amps from a private factory in Los Angeles called Quilter. There's also one cover version - a wild garage R&B of Leiber and Stoller's Poison Ivy, and the remaining tracks are sixties style hard rock.
Stack were a figurehead group in a busy hard rock scene exploding out of the Los Angeles area in the late sixties.
Formed out a surf act called The Vandells and another local act called Wabash Spencer, they went on to gig with such notables as Buffalo Springfield, Three Dog Night, Iron Butterfly, Illinois Speed Press and Frank Zappa.
They were also often supported by Alice Cooper! However, fame and fortune eluded the band, not for lack of talent but because of a 'bum' deal from their record company. Signed for an eight year contract they were subsequently written off as a tax-loss, which left them contractually bound, no money and nowhere to go but obscurity.
Yes YEs YES! this is just big fun hard psychedelic rock and roll the way God's intented it to be played by snotty white brads. Just to bad they had the blues on that one track that just keeps going. I still believe blues wasn't part of God's plan with the suburbs. You like you music raw? energized? full of lust? Like the 13th floor elevators? Stooges? even Led Zep? Buy this one!!!


betty - handful (us rare hard psych) 1971

Mmm...apprezzo e concordo il tema della copertina!!!!tornando seri la musica proposta è legata a quei standard tipici della musica psych anni 70 statunitense ma con un occhio un po' piu spostato verso sonorità rock & roll piuttosto che acide...da ascoltare anche visto la rarità dell'album!

Really obscure, but not bad hard/boogie rock with some rather heavy guitar playing all the way through, which would not be too common in . "Blinded With Shame" is a good rocker with good backing piano and some good guitar. "Just For Fun" dispenses with the piano and sticks with the pounding, hard guitar riffs. The title track is good, as is "Thank You" with a killer guitar solo and some good backing organ. "Lights Gonna Shine" is as close as the album comes to a more pop sound, though that is still very far away


6 commenti:

dean ha detto...

yes yes yes. i ask for more psych and i get it! great stuff - keep it coming ;-)))

Anonimo ha detto...

Thanks for posting Stack. It's not bad. It's not really my type of music. But I can appreciate this.

moxnix ha detto...

interested in the stack lp but the link may be dead

Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi moxnix, i think that megaup. had some tecnical trouble...but now all seems to be alive!try now!

Thierry ha detto...

To my mind, this is an album too close to the hard rock style. I don't like it. You can feel the music whithout this heaviness when it's more subtle.
Sorry for the comment but you can't win all the time...

Betelgeuse ha detto...

Hi thierry!imho this album is very good!(but i love hard rock riff...somethimes i play guitar in a heavy metal band so you can understand the reason why i like this album!:)!)your comments is always appreciated (if you like or not the album!:)!

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