sabato, gennaio 31, 2009

Kraan (great krautrock)!!!
vi posto i primi 2 lavori dei kraan,band teutonica che ha tentato di proporre un krautsound più vicino al rock che al sound teutonico stesso, ovviamente sempre con un occhio di riguardo alla musica progressive!ve ne consiglio l'ascolto!


Kraan - Kraan

Compared to their later jazz-influenced works, this is very straight krautrock. very psychedelic with phased drumming etc. i actually like this more than their later albums because it has got more "balls"! Standout tracks: "Kraan Arabia", "Head".



Kraan - Wintrup

Second album from this underrated German band. It's not as rocking as the first one and not as commercial as their breakthrough, "Andy Nogger". The first song, "Silver Wings", is the best here.


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jan ha detto...

hello betelgeuse,what can i request you post all that i dream!many thanks bye friend!kraan is really superb

Anonimo ha detto...

DEAN said..orion awakes is ultimite ! i love the kraan you have brought much joy to my family .love

kingpossum ha detto...

Three cheers to Betelguese and the mighty Orion for bringing the music of Kraan to the blogosphere! It's because of your love and energy for the music that overlooked, terrific artists get their due and we all get choice listening to explore.


Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi kingpossum!thank you!

Residentevil2 ha detto...

Great stuff thanks Orion!

kingpossum ha detto...

Hi Betelgeuse. A request: How about the Capital City Rockets' sole LP (from Columbus, Ohio, two members went on to form the Godz, 70s hard rockers not to be confused with the 60s psych/fuzz band of the same name).

Long live the mighty Orion!


Dinsdale ha detto...

Orion: Thanks for all the Kraan. Do you have the album from Kraan that has the song "Ausflug" on it? I have looked for that one for 25 years. Thanks and prog forever.

Betelgeuse ha detto...

hi dinsdale!yes i sould have this the next days i'll post that album

Stepping Stone ha detto...

Obrigado! grande blog!

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