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Oggi vi propongo un po' di roba svizzera!!!per la verità nulla di superbo ma tanto sano divertimento! un po' di livello sono i Flame dream(ascoltateli se amate le influenze "Genesis"), un po' più "rock duro" sono gli aftershave! assolutamente da ascoltare la traccia "If Your Soul Is Uncultivated" dei pacific sound.
dategli un ascolto!

Flame Dream - Out in the Dark(1980)

Flame Dream - Out in the Dark

Swiss band similar to Eloy or Anyone's Daughter.
Peter Furrer (drums), Roland Ruckstuhl (keyboards), Urs Hochuli (bass, guitars), Peter Wolf (voice, woodwinds).
...maybe the best progressive album from swissland, before of marillion,iq or pendragon,flame dream had already invented the neo-progressive rock,if you liked genesis circa"duke" album or kayak,buy this album!


Flame Dream - Calatea (1978)

Excellent Swiss sympho-prog band with some jazzy tendencies. The usual Yes and Genesis references turn up, with a fantastic classical angle imparted via Roland Ruckstuhl’s Sergei Rachmaninov-derived keyboard playing. The jazzy flourishes suggest the wonderful French band Carpe Diem. Vocals aren’t much of anything special, but they’re fairly incidental, ditto the guitar playing. The use of sax and flute is the band’s touch of distinction, though (because they’re Swiss) it invites comparisons to Circus.

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Anonimo ha detto...

hello!thx to Flame Dream - Out in the Dark,great music!!
Sithlord from Hungary

Anonimo ha detto...

Hello Hello Betelgeuse!
Well, now You have done it again!
Another fine slice of great stuff here!!Especially Pacific Sound - one of those hard-to-find albums which I have been looking for a couple of years..And You have it here!!Can't believe it!This is a great start for a new week!!Thanks a LOT for sharing it...amazing stuff indeed!!
Also the Flame Dream album is Fantastic,absolutely great keyboard-work and beautiful melodies, I might say it's even better than the first two (Calatea and Elements) which are also very good...
Have a nice week and take care!Yours as always, JaniK

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