sabato, dicembre 13, 2008

After Shave - Skin Deep(1972 hard rock)

After Shave - Skin Deep


Cardeilhac - Cardeilhac(1972-heavy prog)

Cardeilhac - Cardeilhac

Pacific Sound - Forget Your Dream(psych prog)

Pacific Sound - Forget Your Dream!
Cool trippy LP originally released in 1972 on the Swiss 'Splendid' label, which also
released LP's by other obscure prog/psych bands like 'After Shave' and 'Country Lane'.The band lineup consisted of Chris Meyer (vocals), Mark Treuthardt (guitar, bass), Diego Lecci (drums) and Roger Page (keyboards). The album features great organ and guitar passages as well as some really manic vocals by Chris Meyer, what a freak!The original pressing of this great LP is almost impossible to find, and if you're lucky enough to find one, be prepared to spend upwards of $1,000 US or more!It was re-issued on vinyl back in 1989 by 'Splendid', and they even re-did the gatefold cover. Though the picture on the back cover is black and white. (the original Splendid release was in colour). The re-issue vinyl includes the pre-LP 45 singles as well. One of them, 'The Drug Just Told Me' is a cool tune.This album was also recently re-issued on CD by the folks at the 'Long Hair' label, and contains three bonus tracks from their singles.


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